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Pentaho Big Data Overview


Complete Big Data Analytics

With growing volumes and varieties of data flowing at increasing speed, organizations need a fast and easy way to harness and gain insight from their big data sources. Pentaho accelerates the realization of value from big data with the most complete solution for big data analytics.

Pentaho provides:

  • Full continuity from data access to decisions - a complete data integration and business analytics platform for any big data store
  • Faster development, faster runtime - visual development and distributed execution
  • Complete big data analytics - data visualization, discovery and predictive analytics

Pentaho provides the right set of tools to each user, all within a tightly coupled data integration and analytics platform that supports the entire big data lifecycle. For IT and developers, Pentaho provides a complete, visual design environment to simplify and accelerate data preparation and modeling. For business users, Pentaho provides visualization and exploration of data. And for data analysts and scientists, Pentaho provides full data discovery, exploration and predictive analytics.

Pentaho is the only vendor that provides a full big data analytics solution that supports the entire big data analytics process. From discovering and preparing data sources, to integration, visualization, analysis and prediction.

Speed of thought analysis of big data – not possible with traditional tools

Pentaho offers speed of thought analysis against even the largest of big data stores. This is achieved by:

  • Instant access – Pentaho provides visual tools to make it easy to define the sets of data that are important for interactive analysis. These data sets and associated analytics can be easily shared with others and as new business questions arise, new views of data can be defined for interactive analysis.
  • High performance platform – Pentaho is built on a modern, lightweight, high performance platform. This platform fully leverages modern 64 bit multi-core processors and large memory spaces to efficiently leverage the power of contemporary hardware.
  • Extreme-scale in-memory caching – Pentaho is unique in leveraging external data grid technologies such as Infinispan and Memcached to load vast amounts of data into memory so that it is instantly available for speed of thought analysis.
  • Federated data integration – Data can be extracted from multiple sources, including big data and traditional data stores, integrated together and then flowed directly into reports, without needing an enterprise data warehouse or datamart.

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Fastest time to results for big data access, integration, discovery, analysis and visualization

Pentaho’s intuitive visual user interfaces for big data have repeatedly demonstrated dramatic speed of development and deployment advantages compared to the manual coding approaches required by most big data solutions.

Pentaho’s visual interfaces are immediately familiar and usable by corporate IT data management professionals and developers without special big data skills. This enables them to work with big data platforms such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases in a similar way to their existing relational database based platforms – greatly reducing the time required to learn to work with big data technology and drastically accelerating time to a solution.

This approach makes big data appear to be just another source of data that developers and analysts need to incorporate into their broader analytics solution.

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Pentaho Instaview

With the pace of business accelerating rapidly, decisions makers need access to information instantly, interactively and more visually. Instaview, Pentaho’s big data analytics application, reduces the time required for data analysts to discover, visualize and explore diverse data and move from data to analytics in three simple steps.

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Full business analytics solution from data to insights

The full power of Pentaho Business Analytics works with all the leading big data stores, providing complete analytics capabilities from data to insights.

 These capabilities include:

  • Visualization:  Interactive web-based interfaces for ad hoc reporting, charting and dashboards. Non-technical business users can easily connect to data sources, and immediately start building interactive reports, interactive multi-dimensional analysis views, and pull together diverse key performance indicators and metrics into interactive dashboards designed for executives and less frequent users.
  • Exploration:  Interactive web-based interfaces for intuitively looking at data across different dimensions such as time, product and geography, as well as across different measures such as revenue and quantity. Configuration of the dimensions and measures is completely customizable based on the metrics.
  • Predictive Analytics:  Beyond interactive visualization and exploration of data, Pentaho provides powerful data mining and predictive analytics capabilities that use advanced statistical and data mining algorithms including classification, regression, clustering and association rules, as well as graphical user interfaces for more advanced data exploration. 

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Big data analytics at a dramatically reduced cost compared to traditional BI tools

Pentaho offers world-class big data analytics at a fraction of the cost by:

  • Offering subscription-based pricing:  Pentaho’s commercial software packages are priced on a pay-as-you-go subscription basis. As a result, upfront fees are eliminated, and commercial customers are free to renew their subscriptions depending on the return on their investment.
  • Lowering technical barriers for developers: Pentaho’s big data capabilities lower the high technical barriers of big data through familiar visual interfaces, comprehensive how-to videos and documentation – leading to dramatically reduced overall development and projects costs, faster time to solution and accelerated return on investment.
  • Providing high productivity visual interfaces:  With Pentaho, no longer are your big data developers spending days and weeks writing code to load, process and extract data from big data stores – they can achieve the exact same capabilities through a completely visual drag & drop based interface. The resulting processes generally execute as fast, and frequently much faster than hand-written or machine-generated code.
  • Leveraging an open source code base:   Pentaho Business Analytics is based on open source software and benefits from a continuous stream of innovation from the open source community. Pentaho contributes back many new capabilities and provides employment for many of the most skilled and innovative community project leaders.

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