Monetize My Data

Pentaho’s powerful data processing and embeddable analytics allow you to capitalize on the variety and volume of your big data, allowing you to easily access, enrich and de-identify data sets to be packaged as a new data service offering for your customers.

30% of Businesses will Monetize Data by 2016

Using Hadoop (as a data processing platform) with Pentaho’s embeddable big data integration and analytics platform can power a real-time data service to create a new and thriving revenue streams for your company.

Generate new sources of revenue by leveraging your diverse high volume data

  • No-code data integration environment that delivers easy big data ingestion, processing and transformations.
  • High-performance multi-dimensional analytics that can be embedded into any online applications.
  • Flexibility of platform to support customer-specific deployments and multi-tenant security.

Example of how this may look within an IT landscape:

  • PDI used to ingest de-identified billing, customer, network, and location data into Hadoop
  • Process and deliver data to analytic database for faster queries
  • Pentaho Business Analytics leveraged by end users for agile visualization, dashboards, and ad hoc analysis

The Results:

  • Seamless integration between raw data, Hadoop, and analytical database
  • Brand new revenue stream from producing powerful market intelligence
  • Diversification of existing lines of business through new data offerings

Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless

Big Data Goal:

  • Provide carriers and service providers with detailed visibility into network traffic, operations, and performance
  • Deliver flexible and customizable reports and analysis to these customers in a dynamic web-based application
  • Make the solution highly scalable for historical analysis on millions of user sessions per customer

Architecture Example:

Pentaho Benefits:

  • Complete scalable data integration and analytics platform, enabling Ruckus to deliver value from Big Data
  • Ability to work with semi-structured machine data and support Hadoop and HP Vertica
  • Highly intuitive drag-and-drop visual analytics for end users and a strong OEM partnership