Filling the Data Lake

Reduce the complexities of big data ingestion with a simplified approach to onboarding data at scale. Pentaho allows you to drive hundreds of data ingestion and preparation processes through just a few transformations, reducing development time, risk and speeding time to insights.

Simplify the ingestion process of disparate file sources into Hadoop

Ingesting disparate data sources into Hadoop is challenging to organizations with a large number of sources that need to be ingested on a regular basis. Pentaho’s metadata injection capability enables these organizations to streamline data onboarding through highly integrated processes.

Reduce complexity, save costs and ensure accuracy of ingestion

  • Streamline data ingest from 1000s of disparate files or database tables
  • Reduce dependence on hard-coded data ingestion procedures
  • Simplify regular data movement at scale into Hadoop in the AVRO format

Example of how this may look within a large Financial Services organization:

This company uses metadata injection to move 1000s of data sources into Hadoop using a streamlined, dynamic integration process.

  • Large financial services organization with 1000s of input sources
  • Reduce number of ingest processes through Metadata Injection
  • Deliver transformed data directly into Hadoop in the AVRO Format

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