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Pentaho Big Data Platforms


Deep Native Support for All Big Data Stores

Pentaho Business Analytics provides deep native support for the leading open source and commercial Hadoop distributions, NoSQL databases and high performance analytic databasesIn addition, Pentaho’s capabilities also span across traditional relational databases and any other sources critical to your business.

Pentaho and Hadoop

Pentaho Business Analytics used with Hadoop allows easy management, integration, and speed-of-thought analysis and visualization of Hadoop data to enable:

  • Quick and easy analytics against Hadoop data
  • Easier solution maintenance
  • Integration of Hadoop data tasks into overall IT/ETL/BI solutions
  • Scalable ETL engine distribution across the Hadoop cluster
  • Support for all of the leading Hadoop distributions

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Pentaho and NoSQL databases

Pentaho offers deep native support for the most popular emerging NoSQL databases, including MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, and HPCC Systems, as well as data from very large XML sources, Pentaho:

  • Easily integrates NoSQL data types with existing data architectures
  • Offers native and high performance data access to leading NoSQL data stores
  • Provides reporting and analysis on growing amounts of user- and machine-generated data, including web content, documents, social media and log files

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Pentaho and relational analytic databases

Pentaho provides performance optimized native support for many popular analytic databases, and enables data analysis, reporting and data integration, through:

  • Deep integration with native SQL dialects for maximum data access performance
  • Support for parallel bulk data loader utilities for loading data with maximum performance

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Supported big data stores

Pentaho supports each of the leading big data platforms across Hadoop, NoSQL databases and high performance analytic databases.


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