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Pentaho for MongoDB



Pentaho Business Analytics Platform for MongoDB

The expanded level of native integration between Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0 and MongoDB provides the first analytics capability with full support for MongoDB Replica Sets, Tag Sets and Read and Write Preferences for this popular NoSQL data store.

The combination of Pentaho Business Analytics and MongoDB helps business users and developers to:

  • Increase Data Value – With Pentaho, MongoDB data can be accessed, blended, visualized and reported in combination with any other data source for increased insight and operational analytics.
  • Reduce ComplexityReporting on data stored in MongoDB is simplified, increasing developer productivity with Pentaho’s automatic document sampling, drag and drop interface and schema generation.
  • Accelerate Data Access and Querying– With no impact on throughput, this integration builds on the features and capabilities in MongoDB, such as the Aggregation Framework, Replication and Tag Sets. 


Both Pentaho and MongoDB also offer commercial subscription packages, which include valuable enhanced functionality, software maintenance, quality assurance, technical support, professional consulting services and training.

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