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Pentaho for Cloudera


Comprehensive Data Integration and Business Analytics Platform for the Enterprise Data Hub

cloudera certifiedEnterprises today collect and generate more data than ever before. Business users ask more sophisticated questions and explore data in detail that taxes existing data infrastructures. To win in a competitive marketplace obtaining insights to improve products, understand customer sentiment, optimize marketing promotions, and detect and prevent fraud, organizations must combine a variety of data from many sources to extract real, actionable insight.

Accelerating Time to Big Data Value

With Pentaho and Cloudera, organizations get a comprehensive view of data across their business. The Cloudera enterprise data hub enables Big Data such as machine generated data, web log, and social media data to be leveraged in concert with operational data, disparate data silos are a thing of the past. With an enterprise data hub, leading organizations are changing the way they think, transforming data from an expense to an asset. Pentaho’s comprehensive analytics platform, data integration and a spectrum of data visualization and analysis capabilities brings this data to life.

Rethink Data - The Enterprise Data Hub

Cloudera Enterprise, built on the Apache Hadoop open source software project, is the foundation for a company’s enterprise data hub. An enterprise data hub is one place to store all data for as long as desired or required in its original fidelity, allowing enterprises to be truly information driven with data at the center of business activity. Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition provides the flexibility to run a variety of enterprise workloads, including batch processing, interactive SQL, enterprise search and advanced analytics together with the robust security, governance, data protection, and management that enterprises require.

Joint Solution Benefits

IT Managers

Decrease costs, and reduce time in data preparation and management

  • Pentaho’s Visual MapReduce enables ETL via its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, simplifying and reducing time and complexity of data integration.
  • Infrastructure costs are reduced as ETL workloads that previously had to run on expensive systems can migrate to Hadoop in the Enterprise Data Hub. ETL workloads run at very low cost, in parallel with increased performance.

Software Developers

Accelerate big data adoption and leverage existing skills with familiar tools

  • Pentaho’s visual drag-and-drop ETL handles Hadoop data sources in the same way as traditional relational and file-based data sources. Instead of writing Java programs, MapReduce jobs or Pig scripts, Pentaho empowers developers to design and develop big data jobs using visual tools resulting in greater team productivity and removing the need for specialized skills.
  • With Instaview for Cloudera Impala, large volumes of disparate data can be analyzed faster than was previously possible with Hive alone.

Business Knowledge Workers

Uncover previously unseen data patterns

  • With Pentaho’s Analytics Platform users discover deep insight into data stored in the entire Enterprise Data Hub to quickly spot patterns and identify insights
  • Pentaho provides highly interactive visualizations, advanced and predictive analytics. Self-service and production reporting including production and dashboards complete the analytics capabilities.


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