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Big Data Community The Pentaho Big Data Community provides a collection of documentation, how-tos, best practices, use cases and forums for companies considering using Pentaho as the go-to technology to power their big data strategy. 

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Single source to big data tools and resources

The community, designed for developers, database administrators, analysts and data scientists, provides the tools you need to operationalize your big data.

Download Pentaho Kettle for big data

Our open source community project provides an easy way to operationalize your big data. Big data capabilities include the ability to input, output, manipulate and report on data using the following Hadoop and NoSQL stores: Cassandra, Hadoop HDFS, Hadoop MapReduce, Hadapt, HBase, Hive, HPCC Systems and MongoDB.

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Access forums, the community ##pentaho to share best practices, use cases, work-arounds and insights you encounter while working with Pentaho.

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Access our collection of technical guides, articles and videos when integrating Pentaho with:


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