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Pentaho Big Data Analytics


Visualize, Explore, Discover and Predict

Pentaho’s big data analytics bring together IT and business users to easily access, visualize and explore any data to positively impact business results.  

Supporting any big data source, including Hadoop, NoSQL and high performance analytic databases, Pentaho provides a complete analytics platform. Business users and data analysts can access and visualize big data, create and interact with reports and dashboards, and analyze data across multiple dimensions, without relying on IT or developers.

Integrates with any big data source to provide instant insight

Pentaho vides a web-based interface to access, interactively analyze, and visualize big data and then report and create dashboards – all within a common platform. With a simple wizard-based approach, users can instantly turn their data into insight and make information-driven decisions in minutes.

  • Web-based data access wizard for business users
  • Powerful data integration and federation for IT and developers
  • Access to any data type from Excel to big data sources such as Hadoop, NoSQL and high performance analytic databases

Explore, visualize and analyze big data

With an intuitive, interactive web-based user interface, users can freely explore and visualize their business data by multiple dimensions such as product, geography and customer.

Features include:

  • Interactive visual analysis that allows decision makers to drill into data for greater insight
  • Visual lasso filtering and zooming to narrow down large volumes of data and understand or exclude outliers
  • Attribute highlighting to provide better visualization contrast when analyzing large volumes of data
  • A rich library of interactive visualizations to find patterns and anomalies such as:
    • Geo-mapping
    • Heat grids
    • Scatter/bubble charts
    • Drill down into supporting reports and dashboards
    • Extreme scale in-memory data caching for speed-of-thought big data analysis

Self-service to high volume and formatted reports

Pentaho's reporting capabilities span the entire continuum from self-service interactive reporting to high volume and highly formatted enterprise reporting. Pentaho can directly connect to any big data source to provide instant reporting.

Self-service features include:

  • Intuitive web-based interactive reporting for business users and data analysts
  • Rich graphical enterprise report designer for power users
  • Output in popular formats: HTML, Excel, CSV, PDF and RTF-in-memory caching for fast results

Graphical visualizations and interactive dashboards

By delivering key performance indicators in a highly graphical visual interface, Pentaho dashboards give business users the critical information they need to understand and improve organizational performance.

Dashboard features include:

  • Rich graphical visualizations with navigation, drilling and a rich library of filter controls
  • Web-based drag and drop dashboard design functionality for business users
  • Portal and mash-up integration to seamlessly integrate business analytics with other applications, including Google Maps


Pentaho’s instant analytics for big data takes data analysts from data to visualization in minutes with instant and interactive self-service access and analytics for all of the leading big data stores including Hadoop, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB and more. Learn more: Pentaho Instaview


State of the art predictive analytics

Powerful, state of the art machine-learning algorithms and data processing tools in Pentaho Business Analytics uncover meaningful patterns and correlations that may otherwise be hidden in big data with standard analysis and reporting tools. These sophisticated analytics help to understand prior business performance in order to better plan for future outcomes, for example scoring customers' propensity to behave in a certain way in order to adequately determine necessary inventory levels.

Pentaho is a major sponsor of Weka, a collection of machine learning algorithms for predictive analytic tasks. Algorithms can either be applied directly to a dataset or called from Java code. Tools for data pre-processing, classification, regression, clustering, association rules and visualization are provided.

Pentaho supports the whole process of predictive analytics, including:

  • Preparation of input data
  • Statistical evaluation of learning schemes
  • Visualization of input data and the result of learning
  • Powerful algorithims such as classification, regression, clustering and association
  • Import of third party models using Predictive Modeling Markup Language (PMML)
  • Storing and versioning of models using the Pentaho repository
  • Pentaho Data Integration to operationalize models inside or outside of a Hadoop cluster
  • Incorporation of algorithims into Pentaho's visual interface

Mobile business analytics

Pentaho gives business users complete, on-the-go data discovery and interactive analysis capabilities for big data sets with a powerful visual experience on the iPad. Mobile users instantly become more productive by accessing, creating, analyzing and sharing business information from anywhere.

Pentaho mobile highlights include:

  • Author once, use anywhere, with a single, consistent experience across a desktop, laptop and iPad
  • Create new analytic reports directly on the iPad – unlike other mobile BI solutions
  • Optimal interactive end user experience with iPad native touch controls
  • Ensure security and authentication of data and analytic content by providing user- and role-based access controls
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