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Pentaho provides tightly coupled data integration with full business analytics - offering a big data solution that supports the entire big data lifecycle. With a modern platform, the solution supports all popular big data stores, as well as traditional relational data sources, mission-critical enterprise applications and standards-based information exchange formats. Pentaho innovates by partnering with strategic big data technology providers and a supportive community to help optimize the process of realizing value from big data.

Intuitive visual development for data preparation and orchestration

Powerful data egration capabilities prepare structured and unstructured data for data analytics to be optimized for scalability and superior performance. 

Pentaho provides an intuitive visual user interface for orchestration and preparation of data, including Hadoop, NoSQL databases, analytic databases, traditional relational databases and other data stores such as XML files and enterprise applications.

These visual interfaces enable simple and straightforward configuration of scheduled jobs and processing of more complex job execution logic such as events, triggers and conditional logic. Pentaho’s job orchestration and workflow capabilities can also interoperate with big data solution-specific tools such as Oozie and Scoop. Learn more about visual big data preparation

Powerful big data analytics to report, analyze, visualize and predict

Pentaho puts powerful big data analytics in the hands of all users. In addition to supporting IT and developers with data preparation, business users and data analysts can visualize, analyze, and explore big data and create interactive dashboards and reports.  

With Pentaho, users can freely explore, analyze and visualize data across multiple dimensions such as product, geography and customer. Decision makers can drill into data by using visual gestures such as lasso filtering and zooming to narrow down the context of data or to perform attribute highlighting for improved data visualization contrast. Learn more about big data analytics

Partnering with big data innovators

Pentaho has strategic partnerships with leading big data innovators to support all critical steps of the big data life cycle. Learn more about big data partners

Supportive community to ensure your success

The Big Data Community is the single-source of information for developers, database administrators, analysts and data scientists.  Supported by a knowledgeable and innovative big data network, the community provides all of the use cases, best practices, videos, forums and how-to's to fuel your big data project. Learn more about the Big Data Community


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