Jonathan Shafer

Senior Product Customer Marketing Manager

April 27, 2017
Q&A With Anthony De Shazor, Senior VP of Customer Care
1. Tell us what you do at Pentaho. I can hardly believe it but I have been at Pentaho for 12 years. During my tenure, I have taken on a number of different roles – all with the focus on customer success. So I was excited 3 years ago when...
April 12, 2017
Why is Healthcare Data Still Difficult to Measure?
Have you had to make an unfortunate visit to the ER and they were unable to locate your entire health history? Or has your doctor mistakenly prescribed you something that you are allergic to? While healthcare organizations have access to more data, they are faced with a number of other...
January 6, 2017
Q&A With Donna Prlich, SVP of Product Marketing and Solutions
1. Tell us what you do at Pentaho. That’s always a great question to answer. For the last 5 years at Pentaho, I have positioned, worked with, written about and collaborated across departments to help transform the Pentaho platform into what it is today. This past year, I led the...
November 11, 2016
How Pentaho's Big Data Platform can be Used to Develop a Real-Time Smart Home Energy Management System
At Pentaho, we’re always on the lookout for interesting use cases of how people are using our platform to solve meaningful problems. A perfect example is a group of students at the American University of Sharjah, who designed and implemented a project based on Smart Energy Management using Pentaho. This...
November 4, 2016
CipherHealth Gets Customer Reports Back on Track with Pentaho Enterprise
We are excited to highlight one more winner of this year’s Pentaho Excellence Award , CipherHealth, who won in the Social Impact category. Overview CipherHealth provides technology solutions to healthcare organizations, primarily U.S.-based acute care hospitals. The company works with over 250 large medical centers to help them better communicate...