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Travian Games


Top German Browser Game Developer

Travian Games

"At Travian Games we experiment daily with browser game innovations, with the goal of setting new gaming trends for the future. Pentaho Business Analytics helps us make sense of and draw conclusions from the massive volume of games data flowing into our business every day and ensures that we gain as much benefit as possible from this highly valuable asset."

- Eckart Foos, Head of Products, Travian Games

Key Challenges

  • Needed to rapidly analyze large volumes of player data for R&D strategy to use advanced analytics to draw conclusions from player behavior to enhance games and devise new premium features.
  • Using too many proprietary analytical tools was hampering progress and increasing costs as the business grew.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Business Analytics Enterprise Edition using the data integration analysis and reporting capabilities.
  • Travian Games uses Pentaho Business Analytics in a 100% open source environment with Linux Mint Debian, and incorporating data sources from MySQL, MongoDB and Infobright.


  • Easy, self-service reporting without the need for IT support.
  • Travian Games' developers can precisely analyze game play using a single system, and have better information to shape product enhancements and premium features.

Why Pentaho

  • Ease of use for all employee types, short learning curve.
  • Support for ad hoc analysis.
  • Comprehensive functionality including data integration, analysis and reporting.
  • Sophisticated extract, transform and load (ETL) functionality.
  • Open source platform, integrating well with Linux and other opensource applications.

Travian Games

Top German browser game developer

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