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Shareable Ink

"We wanted to spend time creating an innovative platform that was distinctly valuable to our audience and not spend time re-inventing in-house big data analytics functionality. Pentaho Business Analytics provides a cloud-based analytical platform to extract, prepare and analyze loosely structured data, helping Shareable Ink to provide visualizations and sharing of this free-form healthcare information to a large population of healthcare users such as doctors, nurses, and administrative staff.”

- Gerry Andrady, Vice President of Product Management, Shareable Ink

Key Challenges

  • The IT workload to prep and publish Excel reports for end users (Shareable Ink’s customers) was too time consuming resulting in IT not being able to keep up with the demand.
  • Needed a tool that was end user friendly. The customers using this product would have between 10-500 end users each – not all who would have access to analytics. The user roles included doctors, nurses, CRNAs, supervisors, front desk staff, billers, etc.
  • Wanted to offer customers a sophisticated experience with the ability to drill down into a significant level of detail in a self-service fashion.
  • Wanted to spend time creating a platform that was distinctly valuable to their audience and not spend time building an in-house core analytics functionality already on the market.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Business Analytics, specifically ROLAP, in order to provide near-time access to data for ad hoc analysis
  • Pentaho Data Integration to extract, integrate and analyze data from multiple databases
  • Pentaho Business Analytics is used in conjunction with CDF to build the reports and dashboards from the data warehouse
  • Pentaho OEM partnership


  • Additional source of revenue – Pentaho enabled Shareable Ink to create an additional product module that will provide more detailed reports out-of-the-box to their customers resulting in additional revenue.
  • More effective use of budget – Using Pentaho's ready-made core reporting technologies has allowed Shareable Ink to redirect its R&D budget toward other projects that are distinctly valuable to its service.
  • Time to market – In just two months, a small team was able to work on the initial proof-of-concept and deliver initial reports with integration between all data sources.
  • Cloud-based big data analytics platform with a high degree of scalability – Shareable Ink's cloud-based big data analytics platform made it possible to provision analytics on unstructured data sets to a wide set of end customers.
  • Operationalizing big data – Using Pentaho Business Analytics, Shareable Ink developed a solution to store, analyze and disseminate data with a high degree of variability.
  • First to market – Although healthcare electronic medical records have risen in the last decade, some of the data still has not been captured digitally - ever. Using Pentaho, Shareable Ink has provided reporting and analytics on certain data that has not been digitized before.

Why Pentaho

  • Enterprise solution that was efficient, fast and scalable
  • Vendor that has an aggressive and advanced roadmap in terms of developing for the future
  • Easy customization and incorporation due to the advantage of Pentaho’s modern and open source framework
  • Large user community and expertise in the market
  • Established product with resources allocated to partner success

Shareable Ink

Leading healthcare cloud computing provider

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